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  1: Introduction
  2: Simple example
  3: Invocation
  4: Finer Control
  5: X-Y Plots
  6: Contour Plots
  7: Image Plots
  8: Examples
  9: Gri Commands
  10: Programming
  11: Environment
  12: Emacs Mode
  13: History
  14: Installation
  15: Gri Bugs
  16: Test Suite
  17: Gri in Press
  18: Acknowledgments
  19: License

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8: Real-world examples

The example files in this manual should be available to you directly, having been installed with Gri; if not, ask your system manager to check the FTP site.

Additionally, I've collected a few real life examples here. Other sources are the Gri cookbook, available at `'.

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