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  1: Introduction
  2: Simple example
  3: Invocation
  4: Finer Control
  5: X-Y Plots
  6: Contour Plots
  7: Image Plots
  8: Examples
  9: Gri Commands
  10: Programming
  11: Environment
  12: Emacs Mode
  13: History
  14: Installation
  15: Gri Bugs
  16: Test Suite
  17: Gri in Press
  18: Acknowledgments
  19: License

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16: Test Suite

The following test files are invoked by typing `make test', after compiling Gri. They are provided here because they are examples of scripts that are known to work for the version of Gri described in this manual.

Heavy use is made of the `assert' command (see Assert) in these test files. Thus the code itself demonstrates the features, instead of comments in the code. This is advantageous since comments tend to be incorrect!

Test file `tst_IO.gri'.

Test file `tst_control.gri'.

Test file `tst_rpn.gri'.

Test file `tst_var_syn.gri'.

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