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1. Introduction

TPTIME is a calculator-like program that performs conversions between Gregorian date and Julian days, modified Julian days, and truncated Julian days with the different origins used by TOPEX/POSEIDON and other satellites (NASA, CNES, CCSDS). It also provides date of given cycle, pass of TOPEX/POSEIDON, and vice-versa.

1.1 Changes

* Mon Sep 10 2001
        - Add a notebook with a calendar page to view the converted date
        - Add leap year detection
        - Add more tooltips
        - Change FSF address in licence files to the new one
        - Minor changes in code

* Mon Jul 16 2001
        - Add my own icon
        - Build RPM with menu integration on Mandrake
        - Change Gregorian date presentation to YYYY/MM/DD
        - Minor changes in code

* Mon Jun 18 2001
        - Fix my email
        - Remove unnecessary functions provided by Glade
        - Html doc is now in docdir and no longer in docdir/html
        - Minor changes in code

* Sat Jun 9 2001
        - Added NASA julian day format
        - Change name of MSLA format to CNES format
        - Change name of TOPEX format to CCSDS format
        - Connect help to system HTML browser
        - Minor changes in code
        - Upgrade to version 0.2

* Sun Jun 3 2001
        - Begin working on version 0.1

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