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Concept Index: F -- M

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Factors, prime6.1 Basic Math
False2. Primer
Features6.8 Execution
FFTW6.4 Linear Algebra
File closing6.6 Basic I/O
File searching6.8 Execution
Files on the command line7.2 The Command Line
Floor6.1 Basic Math
for statement2. Primer
Format for printing6.6 Basic I/O
Format, real or complex number4.5 Statements
Formatted output6.6 Basic I/O
Formatted output6.6 Basic I/O
Forward substitution6.4 Linear Algebra
Fourier transform6.4 Linear Algebra
Full storage6.2 Arrays
Function calls4.3.1 Function Calls
Function expressions4.6 Functions
Functions2. Primer
Functions4.6 Functions
Functions5. Data
Future of Algae8. Projects

Generate operator2. Primer
Generate operator4.3.15 Generate
Generating vectors2. Primer
Gibbs-King6.2 Arrays
Gibbs-Poole-Stockmeyer6.2 Arrays
Global scope2. Primer
Global symbol table4.2.1 Variable Names
Global variables4.2.1 Variable Names
Greatest common divisor6.1 Basic Math
grep6.2 Arrays

Hunziker, Jennifer1. About Algae
Hunziker, Scott1. About Algae
Hyperbolic arc cosine6.1 Basic Math
Hyperbolic arc sine6.1 Basic Math
Hyperbolic arc tangent6.1 Basic Math
Hyperbolic cosine6.1 Basic Math
Hyperbolic sine6.1 Basic Math
Hyperbolic tangent6.1 Basic Math

Identity matrix6.2 Arrays
if statement2. Primer
Imaginary value6.1 Basic Math
in keyword2. Primer
Initial value problems6.5 Numerical Analysis
Input filters6.6 Basic I/O
Input filters6.8 Execution
Input filters7.2 The Command Line
Input, binary6.6 Basic I/O
Input, character6.6 Basic I/O
Input, numeric6.6 Basic I/O
Integer power program3.3 Integer Powers
Integer type2. Primer
Integer type5. Data
Integration6.5 Numerical Analysis
Interactive mode2. Primer
Interactive mode7.2 The Command Line
Interpolation6.5 Numerical Analysis
Interpreter7. Running Algae
Interrupt signal7.5 Signals
Interrupting loops2. Primer
Intersection6.3 Sets
Inverse cosine6.1 Basic Math
Inverse fourier transform6.4 Linear Algebra
Inverse hyperbolic cosine6.1 Basic Math
Inverse hyperbolic sine6.1 Basic Math
Inverse hyperbolic tangent6.1 Basic Math
Inverse tangent6.1 Basic Math
Inverse, matrix6.4 Linear Algebra

Killing Algae7.5 Signals
Known bugs9.2 Reported Bugs

Labels in submatrix expressions2. Primer
Labels in subvector expressions2. Primer
Lanczos method6.4 Linear Algebra
LAPACK6.4 Linear Algebra
Least common multiple6.1 Basic Math
Least squares6.4 Linear Algebra
Length of variable names4.2.1 Variable Names
Lewis, John6.2 Arrays
Linear equations6.4 Linear Algebra
Linear equations6.4 Linear Algebra
Linear spacing6.2 Arrays
Linking, dynamic6.8 Execution
local statement2. Primer
local statement4.2.3 Scope of Variables
Logarithm6.1 Basic Math
Logarithmic spacing6.2 Arrays
Logical operators2. Primer
Loops2. Primer
Loops2. Primer
Lower case6.10 Miscellaneous
Lower triangle6.2 Arrays

Magic squares6.2 Arrays
Magnitude6.1 Basic Math
Matching labels2. Primer
MATLAB1. About Algae
MATLAB6.7 Entity I/O
MATLAB6.7 Entity I/O
Matrices2. Primer
Matrices5. Data
Matrix constants5. Data
Matrix factorization6.4 Linear Algebra
Matrix factorization6.4 Linear Algebra
Matrix inverse6.4 Linear Algebra
Matrix labels2. Primer
Matrix multiplication6.4 Linear Algebra
Matrix norm6.2 Arrays
Matrix products6.4 Linear Algebra
Matrix, diagonal6.2 Arrays
Maximum6.2 Arrays
Maximum6.2 Arrays
Member names4.3.3 Member References
Member references4.3.3 Member References
Members2. Primer
Members of entities4.1 Entities
Members of matrices5. Data
Members of scalars5. Data
Members of vectors5. Data
Messages, error7.3 Errors
Minimum6.2 Arrays
Minimum6.2 Arrays
Minus sign4.3.7 Negation
Modulus operator4.3.8 Multiplication
Monte Carlo integration6.5 Numerical Analysis
Multiplication operators4.3.8 Multiplication

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