Gnome Flow Users Guide

by Alexandru Csete

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Physics
  3. Using Gnome Flow
  4. Creating New Objects
  5. Closing Remarks
  6. License

1. Introduction

Gnome Flow is a simple program intented to calculate simple fluid flows around objects, which are in the way of the fluid. This is done using the Relaxation Method with boundary conditions calculated from the assumption, that the objects are far enough from the entrance and exit, and that the objects are symmetric around the axis of initial flow. The entrance is on the left side and the exit is on the right side. The incomming fluid has a constant velocity along the X axis.
The program assumes steady state flow, that is the velocity, pressure, viscosity, temperature and density are constant in time.
The program calculates the stream, vorticity and pressure. The initial values of these functions are values corresponding to free flow (no objects in the way).
If the above didn't make much sense, please contact Alex (, and ask him to spend some time on writing more documentation to gflow...

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