Garlic Tutorial

Lesson 12 - Replace Selected Residues

In this lesson you will learn how to replace selected residues. The structure used in this example will be 1HUC.pdb, but you can use any other protein structure.

Before starting with this lesson, read something about the command REPLACE .

Step 1 - start garlic (if not started already):


Step 2 - load the structure:

load 1HUC.pdb

Step 3 - change color:

color cold

Step 4 - select the residue 26 in the chain A:

sel a/26/*/*

Step 5 - define the replacement for this residue:

seq = ser

Step 6 - replace CYS 26 by SER:


Move the residue 26 closer to check the replacement (use numeric keys).

Step 7 - discard structure:

dis all