The menu bar, located at the top of the main window, provides the following commands:


  • New Game — Starts a new game begining with the first level.

  • End Game — Quits the current game, but doesn't quit the program.

  • Skip level — Jumps directly to the next level if one exists.

  • Undo move — Undoing the last move. You can press it multiple times (up to ten) to undo more moves. Note: Every time you lost 5% of your score.

  • Pause game — Stops the time-limit and hides the playing area, so no possibility to cheat ;-).

  • Continue game — This continues the game where you paused it. Also makes the playing area visible ;-).

  • Scores... — Shows the higscores reached so far. Note: If nothing happens, then there are no scores yet.

  • Exit — Quits the game and the program.



  • Help — This help documentation.

  • About — Opens the about dialog which gives you a few informations about the program.